Our Values.

We believe in fostering a family atmosphere while

providing support to each other and our customers.


The way of thinking at Century has always been in line with the goals of our Mission Statement.

In 1998, Century formally adopted a business philosophy called Gung Ho! The Gung Ho! values are those that have been passed down through generations of Native Americans and involve three cornerstones that are surprisingly simple, yet amazingly powerful.

Gung Ho! Values

The Spirit

of the Squirrel

Representing worthwhile

work, the idea is to make

the world a better place

while working toward a

shared goal, allowing

values to guide all plans, decisions, and actions.

The Way

of the Beaver 

This cornerstone represents

being in control of

achieving the goal!

The playing field is clearly

marked and we listen to

and act on thoughts,

feelings, needs, and

dreams. Employees are

able but challenged.

The Gift

of the Goose

Representing cheering each other on, this cornerstone encourages giving one another true congratulations without taking score.