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What's New?

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 08/2019

We’ve recently made some website improvements that will make our website, clearer, more informative and easier to use. Click the link to view the most recent updates:

New at Century A/C

Tips for Multifamily Residents: Keeping Cool and Conserving Energy

By Century A/C Supply in HVAC News 07/17/2019

For a copy of the document in Spanish, click here.

Century A/C Supply Announces New Houston Apartment Sales Manager

By Century A/C Supply in HVAC News 06/21/2019

Congratulations to Jacob Kunath on his recent and well-deserved promotion to Houston Apartment Sales Manager. Jacob has been a multifamily sales consultant with Century for over 12 years, is a board member with the Houston...

DFW Area Store Openings and San Antonio Store Relocation

By Century A/C Supply in HVAC News 06/01/2019

Dallas, TX - Century A/C Supply, a leading HVAC distributor in the state of Texas, continues to grow their footprint by opening 2 stores in the DFW area, bringing the total locations in the area to seven. "Century strives to establish conveniently located branches to serve...

Century A/C Supply and York Donate Equipment

By Century A/C Supply in Community Outreach 04/12/2018

Dallas, TX, April 12, 2018 - Century A/C Supply recently donated several pieces of York HVAC equipment to Collin College’s HVAC lab and delivered the equipment for installation. The equipment, which is enough to stock four HVAC labs, will be housed at the Princeton ISD HVAC lab and includes outdoor condensing units, 18 SEER heat pumps, modulating gas furnaces and the controls to operate them.

Beautifying the Japanese Garden at Hermann Park

By Century A/C Supply in Community Outreach 04/12/2018

It was a wonderful weekend to give back by beautifying the Japanese Garden at Hermann Park. Thank you to the Century employees and family members who care so much about our community!

HVAC Trends & Solutions for R-22

By Century A/C Supply in HVAC News 03/2017

During 2017 the multifamily industry will continue to transition away from R-22 due to high cost and regional supply limitations. When making decisions for your property please consider the following...

The Truth About Air Conditioning

By Century A/C Supply in HVAC News 03/2013

Most air conditioning systems are designed to remove enough moisture, humidity, and heat from a room to make it comfortable. This indoor room temperature should average about 20 degrees below the outdoor ambient temperature. This number is based on many important factors...

New CenturyAC.com

By Century A/C Supply in What's New 08/2018

We’re pleased to release the new CenturyAC.com to provide our customers with more convenient shopping options, increased access to product information, and enhanced account management features.